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St Catherine Primary School

  • Future bound with Elixom SIDS Wed, December 6
    St Catherine Primary School has made another bold move by leading the adoption of electronic record management at the primary[...]
  • Profile Sun, March 6
    Profile: St. Catherine Primary School 14/050 The educational philosophy of St. Catherine Primary School is based on meeting the developmental[...]
  • Catholic Ethos Tue, February 9
    The school forms part of a long tradition of Catholic Education in this country.  It comes under the auspices of[...]
  • Core Values Wed, January 6
    Our Core Values: Christian Faith Our Strong Christian Values embrace the importance of Life, Service, and spiritual needs in prayer,[...]
  • School Song Fri, December 11
    St. Catherine Primary School Song Song Writer J. Reid (Teacher) October 2014 Seeking to make each child unearth the pow’r[...]
  • Code Sun, December 6
    School: St. Catherine Primary CODE: 14/050 BOARD CHAIRMAN: Monica Williams CONTACT INFO: 876 984-2673 Principal: Rosalie Drysdale CONTACT INFO: 876[...]
  • Board Members Mon, October 26
    Father Richard Brown Pastor Monica Williams Board Chairman Beaula Senior Board Member Ditty Wright Board Member Roinson Board Member Joseph[...]